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Add Cash Pricing to your portfolio through the inCHARGE™ Program.

The inCHARGE™ Cash Pricing program is the most well-rounded and defined Cash Pricing program available in the Merchant Services industry. Earn 3x the residuals, utilize our cutting-edge technology, and give your merchants reasons to stick around.

  • Earn 3x the residual income through increased basis points on Cash Pricing.
  • Our technology department offers the latest in marketing and technology options. Get your personalized website in 24 hours.
  • Our support team is always on hand to assist. We offer a full online training portal with hours of video content.

inCHARGE™ gives you the brand recognition you need to communicate well with prospects.

NEW! inCHARGE™ Mobile App!

inCHARGE™ Mobile is the ONLY Mobile Processing Solution Built EXCLUSIVELY for Cash Pricing!

Equip your merchants to process Cash Pricing on the go! Tap or Click the button below to learn more about our inCHARGE™ Mobile Application.

The site is a template we offer to our new sales agents like yourself to help them sell inCHARGE™ Mobile!

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You have the ability to customize the program to not only meet the needs of your merchants but also your personal and professional needs. We don’t handcuff you with a one size fits all approach. This is just one of the things that set inCHARGE™ apart from all the others.

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Cash Pricing is a new concept for many. That’s why we’ve developed a robust training system and have team members ready to assist you through the transition.

What sort of training do you offer? 2018-11-07T11:05:18-05:00

Education, Training & Support; that’s the foundation of the inCHARGE™ Program. Our online agent portal gives our sales partners 24/7 access to the information they need to be successful.

What makes Cash Pricing possible? 2018-11-07T11:05:41-05:00

The inCHARGE™ Program derived from regulatory changes associated with the Dodd-Frank Bill & The Durbin Amendment. The language written into these bills allows for business owners to offer a discount to consumers paying with cash or cash alternative (like check or ACH). So essentially, everything in the merchant’s place of business is priced for cash.

Do you offer more than just processing? 2018-11-07T11:04:19-05:00

In addition to our inCHARGE™ Program, we’ve put together an aggressive value-added service package. These services coupled with inCHARGE™ bring more upfront money to our agents and more financial choices to our clients.

How much can I earn with inCHARGE™ 2018-11-07T11:07:23-05:00

The inCHARGE™ Program requires a technology upgrade to properly process transactions. What this means for our sales partners is more upfront money from equipment sales, rentals and/or leases. In addition to the upfront money, The inCHARGE™ Program will increase your residual income 3x-5x. We also have portfolio buyout options if you need a quick infusion of cash.

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